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Reduce Food Waste and Save

A 2019 United Nations report on food waste concluded that 58% of the food produced in Canada is wasted and 61% of that waste happens at home. The average Canadian wastes 79 kilograms or 174 pounds of food a year!  Not only is wasted food costing you money, it’s also placing a burden on the […]

Meet the Team Part 4

Generation Health would not be the fantastic program it is without the hard work of our incredible team members who support families on their health journey. Meet our program assistants, Kaede & Noah! 👋🏽 Both are in the final year of their degrees at the University of Victoria. Kaede comes to us from Pemberton, and […]

Use Your Own Fuel to Get Around

In our mechanized society you really don’t have to move much to get through the day. Perhaps the price of fuel and the impact of greenhouse gases on the environment are starting to motivate you to think a little differently about how you structure your day. These 5 tips will help your family contribute positively […]

Power Down Screens at Bedtime

You don’t find many bedrooms these days without at least one screen – some kids even have televisions in their bedrooms. Now if your kids study in their bedrooms then a laptop or desktop computer is likely not easy to move out at night but encourage your kids to power them down.  Screens and sleep […]

Campfire Burritos

Camping is such a fun activity, especially in warmer weather, and is a great time for families to enjoy the outdoors together. Many traditional camping menus can leave us feeling sluggish, bloated and dehydrated. Rather than relying on those foods exclusively, opt for meals based on Canada’s Food Guide, including whole grain foods, protein foods, […]

Turkey Lentil Meatloaf

You may have heard, from Canada’s Food Guide or other health or climate recommendations, about the need for all of us to consume more plant-based protein foods like legumes, nuts and seeds instead of animal proteins. But these plant-based protein foods may be new to many of us and a big change to our family […]

Lentil Kebabs

Did you know that every March we celebrate nutrition month in Canada? This year the theme is “good for you”. It highlights that many factors, such as culture and food traditions, impact how healthy eating looks different for everyone. These lentil kebabs are a fun plant-based twist to traditional kebabs that are enjoyed in many […]