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Sheet Pan Dinners

By Nicole Fetterly, RD Quick dinners are key now that summer is over and we’re returning to the back-to-school and work routine. Sheet pan meals are a simple way to create a balanced dinner and the best part is the minimal clean up. Vary up the protein, veggies and spices to put a new spin […]

Kids Can Cook!

By Nicole Fetterly, RD As a campus dietitian and nutrition instructor, I have encountered thousands of students in the first-time-living-away-from-home stage of their life. Although they come from so many different places and backgrounds, one thing that is all too common among them is they do not know how to eat well. Most have never […]

Last of Summer Tomato Flatbread

By Nicole Fetterly, RD Consider this for your first-day-of-school dinner to celebrate the stressful transition with comforting food while enjoying the end of summer bounty of fresh tomatoes. Look for an assortment of fresh, local and possibly heirloom tomatoes of all colours, shapes and sizes. Serve with a side salad. Serves 4 4 whole grain […]

Quicken Your Cooking

When school starts back in September, the glory days of summer fade in an instant. We’re stocking up on school supplies and new shoes and packing healthy lunches becomes another item on the daily to-do list. By the time dinner hour arrives it can be overwhelming to think up and prepare a family meal, so […]

Oatmeal Everything Cookies

By Nicole Fetterly, RD These cookies can be a great addition to a balanced lunch or even eaten as a quick breakfast, as they are packed with fibre and protein. Get the kids involved in making a big batch for the freezer before school starts and save on the cost and packaging of all the […]

Back to School

The end of a relaxing summer and the start back into September routine can be a stressful time for all of us, and likely more so this year due to the pandemic. School is going to look a little different in 2020 and that may be causing some uncertainty and anxiety for many children, not […]

Low-Sodium Tortilla Soup

This soup is packed with flavour from all of the delicious toppings so you won’t even notice that it is low in sodium. It’s a meal in itself so serve with a simple side salad or coleslaw. Serves 5-6 1 Tbsp olive oil 2 (~750 g) chicken breasts, bone in/skin on 2 cloves garlic, thinly […]

Kiss & Make Up Day

August 25th might not be the national day to celebrate your favourite sweet treat, but it’s certainly an important day. National Kiss and Make Up Day is all about putting aside your differences and resolving any conflicts with your family, friends or colleagues. Well, you don’t have to kiss your colleagues! According to the Mayo […]

Better Burgers!

Eating beef burgers on white buns slathered in condiments like mayonnaise and ketchup should be reserved for the occasional summer treat. A better burger can be eaten much more frequently! Swap the refined buns for whole grain and try healthier condiments like avocado, sauerkraut or a simple slaw. Opt for portobello steaks, fish or seafood, […]

Eat to beat the heat!

Eating in the summer looks so different than in any other season. For one, there is so much fresh, local produce available and nothing beats a juicy peach, plum or handful of berries as a snack. Secondly, many of our staple family meals, like soups, stews, curries, stir-fries and hot pasta dishes, just don’t appeal […]