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Happy BC Day!

We are so fortunate to live in this beautiful province and unceded territory of our many indigenous communities. From our oceans, lakes and rivers to our hills, mountains and valleys, BC is so rich in nature. It is also abundant in so many local foods and what better way to celebrate BC day than focusing […]

Curried Vegan Pate

Ayurvedic tradition classifies some foods as sattvic, meaning they are clean, pure and wholesome. This vegan pate is made from mushrooms, potato, nuts or seeds and Indian spices and although rich and delicious, it is also very nourishing. Serve it with whole or sprouted grain bread or crackers and thickly sliced cucumber, to replenish you […]

Calm your Mind

Meditation and yoga are fantastic ways to promote relaxation, reduce anxiety and tension, as well as deal with health issues like chronic pain and insomnia.  Meditation is about looking within to promote peace and well-being. It involves calming the mind and breathing deeply to remain present in the moment and give our brains and bodies […]

Agua Fresca

A cold drink on a hot day is so refreshing, but they can often be filled with added sugar. Agua Fresca is a beverage commonly consumed in Mexico and is as simple as blending fruit with water and lime juice. Although some recipes add sweetener, the type of fruit you choose can prevent the need […]

Dive into Summer!

What better time to try out a new water-focused activity than in the heat of summer? Our province is packed with opportunities, even if your local pool may not be open yet. Whether on the ocean, in a lake or on the river, there’s an activity for everyone: Kayaking/Canoeing—a great family adventure! If you don’t […]

Quinoa Breakfast Hash

It can be easy to get into a breakfast rut and rotate between two or three options exclusively. Here’s a new idea to shake things up and it works exceptionally well as a hot and hearty camping breakfast. Variations are endless, like being completely plant-based and substituting black beans and avocado for the cheese or […]

Protein Pontifications

We hear a lot in the media about eating protein and are faced with numerous choices of packaged foods with added protein at the grocery store. Is that because we are at risk of not getting enough? Are there better proteins to consume than others? Should you get your family a protein powder? Let’s work […]

Salmon Patties

Canned salmon (ideally with the bones) should be a staple in everyone’s pantry. The affordable, high-quality protein and essential omega 3 fatty acids make it an incredible food to consume a few times per week, especially to support positive mental health. And the bones provide a rich source of calcium. These patties are great with […]

Keeping Connected

The time of physical distancing has been a challenge for us all but some may struggle with mental health more than others, especially without the usual support of our friends, far-away family or being face-to-face with our healthcare providers. Anxiety may be exacerbated by concerns about risk of disease, outlook for the future and worry […]

Campfire Pizza

A hot meal around the campfire is such a treat after a day enjoying the outdoors, but it doesn’t have to be all about hotdogs. Get an assembly line going at the picnic table and these delicious, hearty and healthy pizzas can come together so quickly and it’s a great way to engage kids in […]