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Chilled Avocado & Cucumber Soup

This chilled soup is a creamy and refreshing addition to a warm weather meal and a fun format for eating veggies. Top with grilled shrimp to make it the centerpiece and serve with corn chips for some crunch. Serves 4 2 avocados, pitted & peeled  1 large cucumber, peeled & seeded if not an English […]

Sugary Drink Alternatives

As the weather warms up, cracking a cold canned or bottled beverage always seems like a perfect way to quench your thirst! But so many options can be laden with sugar, which can be fine as an occasional treat, but are not recommended as a daily occurrence, especially for children.  Instead of soda pop, store-bought […]


Originally a North African dish, this is a recipe our Generation Health program assistant, Paneet, tried making for the first time during isolation. It’s great for a leisurely weekend breakfast or even a dinner, served with crusty bread and salad or steamed green beans. It can also be adapted to your taste by adding fresh […]

Meet the Team Part 2

Generation Health would not be the fantastic program it is without the hard work of our incredible team members who support families on their health journey. Let’s meet a few of them: What’s your role with Generation Health? Sharan: I’m the Facilitator for the YMCA Tong Louie Generation Health Program in Surrey and I have […]

Moroccan Grilled Veggie Skewers

Barbecue meals are so fun and flavourful and taste even better eaten outside! Try to base them around vegetables and healthier protein foods instead of red and processed meats for optimum health. These Moroccan veggie skewers are so easy and delicious and pair well with a chickpea salad and wholegrain couscous, or perhaps some grilled […]

Healthy Grilling Tips

As the weather warms up, we have a natural tendency to want to cook and eat outdoors and so emerges barbecue season! The smell of grilling food likely appeals to our ancestral instincts when we did all of our cooking over open flames. It’s a great way to celebrate a beautiful, sunny day, not to […]

Easy Break & Bake Chicken

Buying whole chicken is much more affordable, rather than boneless and skinless pieces. By cooking with the bones in, you get a much moister finished product and you can keep the bones to make delicious stock. By breaking the chicken down, also called butterflying or spatchcocking, it cooks more quickly and evenly. Makes 2 meals […]

Meal Planning & Prepping

We’ve all been there—5pm rolls around, work is done for the day, tummies are starting to grumble but you have no idea what to make for dinner. Stress levels rise, everyone is getting ‘hangry’ so you make a quick decision to order in food or perhaps pull out an ultraprocessed frozen meal. Although this is […]

Shopping on a Budget

The cost of food is continually rising—or maybe it’s just the kids getting older and eating so much more! No matter the size of your household, we are all looking for ways to save money and the grocery store is one of the likely targets each week. So how do you balance the need for […]