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Warm Walnut and Barley Salad

A flavourful and satisfying vegetarian meal or side-dish packed with nutrients, like fibre, antioxidants and healthy fats to keep your heart and brain healthy. Walnut oil provides a warm, nutty finish that complements hearty barley and sharp goat feta. Serve with a green salad alone, with grilled salmon or even as a new addition to […]

Buddha Bowls

This recipe is great due to its versatility–substitute any veggies in the fridge and mix up the protein to keep it interesting. It’s nice to pair at least one roasted vegetable with the raw for different textures. This dish can be served hot, cold or at room temperature. If you cook anything in advance, cool […]

Pasta Fazool

Need some help achieving a family goal of cooking and eating at home together more often? In the winter months, a hearty soup can make a comforting weekly staple meal that also translates into lunch leftovers for the next day. This recipe can also help achieve a goal of teaching children (or adults!) basic cooking […]

What’s in the Fridge Frittata

Although this recipe mentions greens and carrot, so many different veggies can work, especially those lingering leftovers (e.g. raw veggies from a crudités platter, roasted roots, broccoli, mushrooms or green beans—the possibilities are endless). It’s a great way to use things up and make a quick, healthy meal. It can be served warm for breakfast, […]

Family Goal-Setting

As the New Year rolls around, we all tend to think about resolutions or accomplishments we hope to strive for individually or as a family. Sometimes all we do is think about them or perhaps work towards them for a brief time then feel lousy when we don’t meet our goals. It’s key to focus […]

Get Merry with Movement!

The holiday season can be such a busy time of socializing and celebrating and of course, preparing to do these things! It can lead us to deprioritize being physically active in favour of sedentary screen time or a nap when we have a moment of peace. But it’s amazing how being active gives you more […]

Healthifying your Holiday Recipes

The festive season is a time for fun, family, friends and especially food! We get to enjoy many traditional treats and indulgences, but we don’t have to set our health goals completely aside for a month and end up feeling lousy both physically and mentally as the new year rolls around.  One way to stay […]

Holiday Veggies

When the holiday season rolls around, it can be easy to fall into a pattern of eating and drinking that does not equate with your health goals. This can lead to feeling lousy physically and mentally after the festive season is wrapped up. But it doesn’t have to be this way! And you don’t have […]