Family Day Fun

The name says it all! In BC, Family Day falls on Monday, February 17th, 2020 and many of us get the day off work and school. Family day should be a day spent together doing activities the whole family enjoys, so that likely doesn’t mean household chores like cleaning and laundry. Cooking together however can be a whole lot of fun and a great way to build memories and traditions.

In the days before, perhaps over a family dinner, discuss as a group an exciting meal to prepare. It might be something from the family recipe book or a dish you’ve always wanted to try to make, maybe from a different culture or even a favourite restaurant. This is the time to try something that needs some extra hands, like making perogies, calzones, dumplings, salad rolls, sushi, samosas, tamales, pupusas—the possibilities are endless. After you’ve settled on a dish, search out some recipes together and make your grocery list. It’s good to do this in advance of Family Day so you don’t feel the pressure of organizing and shopping on top of the family cooking project.

On the day of, get out all the ingredients and consider printing a couple copies of the recipe so that it’s easy for everyone to participate and read along. Assign tasks according to age and skill level—older children may be more competent at chopping harder vegetables like onions, celery and carrots. Younger children may enjoy helping to measure and mix ingredients. The key is to make sure everyone has a role and the confidence that they can achieve success in it, even if it’s a learning experience.

Before, during (while waiting for dough to rise or fillings to cool) or after cooking, try to get a family physical activity in as well, even if just a walk around the neighbourhood or an impromptu dance party in the kitchen. The BC government also funds many activities for families on Family Day with free or discounted admission, as do other private organizations including many ski hills. For a list of free events that are accessible to everyone, please visit:

The key is to spend time together! Families who eat and are active together tend to be healthier, both physically and mentally, and that can certainly last a lifetime.