Getting to Know Generation Health Group Facilitator Lisa Neukomm

Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting some of the awesome facilitators delivering the Generation Health program across B.C.

This week we would like to introduce you to Lisa Neukomm. Lisa is the Group Facilitator for the Family Healthy Living Program in Prince George. We had the opportunity to sit down with Lisa and learn more about who she is and what she likes about the Family Healthy Living Program.

Lisa tell us a little bit about you.

My name is Lisa Neukomm, I am a BCRPA Registered Personal Trainer and Group Leader. I have worked in the Health and Wellness industry for 27 years in many different rolls and assisting individuals, families and groups adopt healthier lifestyle habits into their lives. I have been married to my husband Shane for 19 years, and have three amazing children ages 16,14, and 10. I strive to promote value in healthy living with my family first and foremost and know just how important and somewhat challenging it can be sometimes, but am passionate about finding ways to help my family as well as my clients lead healthy and active lives.

Why did you choose to work with Generation Health?

I believe and feel passionate about its message. Healthy living encompasses many different things from eating healthy, staying active, implementing healthy lifestyle habits, and practicing strategies to assist in helping us to maintain a positive mental and social health. Generation Health provides great, simple and attainable practices and strategies to help families develop their Healthy lifestyle habits in a fun and interactive way.

What’s your favourite thing about Generation Health? 

Meeting and getting to know the families and then seeing them feel successful in their goals through out the program. It is very rewarding to know that you have helped to make a small positive difference in a family’s life.

What would you tell a family that is thinking about participating in the Generation Health Program?

To know that the program is fun, interactive, and educational, and that they will come away from the program with attainable and simple strategies to help them in their journey to a healthier, more active lifestyle.

What’s your favourite way to be active?

Anything involving the outdoors or in Nature. I love Trail Running, hiking with my family and dog, x-country skiing, snow shoeing and have found a new challenge of skating to keep up with my kids who love to skate!

How do you fit physical activity into your busy life?

I make fitting in physical activity a priority just like eating and sleeping. I make a plan to fit activity of some sort into most of my days whether it is a scheduled class, meet with friends or family members for a hike, or walk my dog. Being on the go I have learned that fitting it in doesn’t always have to be a big performance and that small things count such as parking further away from my intended location so that I can walk, take the stairs, or play in the snow with my kids! I also recognize the importance of modeling this to my children and can see them making choices on their own to move more and talk to them about how it makes them feel to move and be healthy on all levels of health from feeling strong in their bodies, but also in their minds.

What’s your favourite healthy recipe?

Turkey Lasagna with lots of mixed vegetables, whole grain pasta, and ricotta cheese.

What are your top tips for healthy living?

Balance is key in all aspect of life. Take time for yourself by finding the things that re-fuel or recharge you, whether it is reading, doing yoga, spending time with friends, or being in nature. Make your health a priority. Be kind to your body and to your mind. Nourish it with healthy food/drink choices, movement that you love, and patience.

New sessions of Generation Health will be kicking off this month in communities across British Columbia. To find a program near you, click here!