Meet the Team: Sam & Bianca

Generation Health would not be the fantastic program it is without the hard work of our dedicated team members.

Meet Bianca and Sam! 👋🏽

1. Tell us about your journey with Generation Health.

Bianca: I have been with the program since it began in September 2018. I’ve worked as a graduate student researcher to help evaluate the program, on the delivery team as a physical activity facilitator, and more. In June 2021, I became the project manager.

Sam: I am a professor at the University of Victoria and I have been with Generation Health since 2018. I helped develop and evaluate the Generation Health program. We are constantly trying to improve program delivery based on the feedback we receive from our participants and partners.

2. What are your favourite ways to stay physically active?

Bianca: I enjoy being active outdoors and am fortunate to live in Victoria where nature and the ocean are never far away. Hiking, running, tennis, and yoga are my favorites. I also love walking – with my partner and our dog, or coffee walks with friends.

Sam: I enjoy many forms of physical activity. My favorite way to be physically active is skiing during the winter.

3. Tell us about your favourite go-to meal or snacks!

Bianca: Roasted chicken and vegetables with quinoa. My favorite snacks are Tamari almond and stovetop popcorn.

Sam: Ramen. I love a bowl of ramen during the winter.

4. What are your favourite tips for healthy living?

Bianca: Try carrying a reusable water bottle with you to increase your water intake, challenge yourself to turn off the screens during mealtimes, and aim to fit in physical activity when you can – small changes over time make a difference!

Sam: Try to make physical activity a part of your daily routine. Physical activity can come in many different forms from walking to the bus stop, taking the stairs, or taking a stroll after dinner. It all can add up!

5. Tell us about a memorable interaction with a participating family.

Bianca: As a facilitator, I was able to help families work towards and achieve their lifestyle goals which helped them to feel more confident and motivated to continue. One interaction in particular was with a family who had three generations attend the program – the children, parents, and grandparent all learned and made changes together 🙂

Sam: My most memorable interaction with a participating family was during the initial development and pilot phase. The family offered us helpful program feedback and encouragement for our team to scale-up the program.

6. What has been a highlight for you while working for Generation Health?

Bianca: Seeing the positive impact it continues to have for so many families is incredibly rewarding. I especially love hearing family updates and success stories months after they completed the program. We couldn’t do any of this without our fantastic team members all across BC. I am proud of how we have helped the program grow and evolve since 2018 and am excited to see what the future brings.

Sam: My research program aims to improve the well-being of families through lifestyle changes. Generation health enables me to apply best-practice to help families live a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy learning about how the programs have helped families and working with the fantastic staff and students to make the program delivery and evaluation possible.

7. Lastly, what would you tell families that are thinking of joining the Generation Health program?

Bianca: Generation Health provides a unique opportunity for both children and parents to learn and have fun together, and it’s free! We have a knowledgeable and dedicated team who are extremely passionate about helping families, like yours, make positive lifestyle changes.

Sam: The Generation Health Program is a great opportunity for families to improve their health and well-being by learning about nutrition, physical activity, and healthy habits.