Meet the Team!

Generation Health would not be the fantastic program it is without the hard work of our incredible team members who support families on their health journey. Let’s meet a few of them:

What’s your role with the Generation Health Program?

Carol Tickner, Registered Dietician, Group Facilitator Victoria/Westshore

Carol: My role with Generation health is Program Coordinator and Group Facilitator for the Victoria/Westshore program.

Etienne: My role with Generation Health is Group Facilitator – meaning that my co-worker focuses mostly on the physical activity component of the day, while I focus mostly on delivering the content of each session.

Bianca: My role with Generation Health is the Physical Activity Facilitator in Victoria. I am also on the program evaluation team as part of my MSc Kinesiology at the University of Victoria. Being involved in both the program delivery and evaluation components provides me with a unique perspective on the program’s positive impact.

What’s your favourite vegetable or fruit and why?

Etienne Levesque, Fitness & Health Coach, Group Facilitator Kelowna

Carol: Asparagus  – so easy to prepare and always tastes great!

Etienne: My favourite vegetable is broccoli, but only if it’s cooked. It doesn’t need to be cooked a lot, even just a little bit, but I love the way the sprouts crunch when you bite them and they taste amazing!

Bianca: I’m a big fan of most veggies and fruit. Recently the person behind me at the grocery store checkout asked how many rabbits I was feeding! Spinach and bananas are in my constant rotation because they are versatile and keep my body healthy.


What’s your favourite physical activity now and from when you were a kid?

Bianca DeSilva, Physical Activity Facilitator Victoria/Westshore

Carol: Now – trail running & hiking – love nature; As a kid – gymnastics, horseback riding, skipping

Etienne: When I was a kid, I didn’t do a lot of physical activity, but my favourite would have to have been the hip-hop-style dance classes I took part in from when I was 9-13. 

Bianca: Growing up, I did competitive gymnastics which gave me a great foundation for so many other sports and activities. Now, my favorite physical activity is a toss up between hiking and yoga.

What’s the best part about the Generation Health program in your opinion?

Carol: Watching how much the kids enjoy themselves during the activity parts and seeing how special it is

for the kids to have their family all together doing something meaningful.

Etienne: For me, the best part of Generation Health is that it focuses on the child’s autonomy and allows for the participants to grow as a family. Too often I see children just getting dragged along, whereas here they are active participants and get to scheme about how their family is going to have fun and be healthy together.

Bianca: It’s hard to choose only one! I am a big fan of the holistic approach– physical activity, healthy eating, positive mental health, sleep, and reducing screen time all play an important role in healthy living. I also think the family aspect very important and is something that makes this program unique because it allows children and parents to learn and be active together! 🙂 

What has inspired you since becoming a facilitator for Generation Health?

Carol: Seeing the children gain confidence in themselves in lots of different ways. Seeing families walk away having had a positive experience.

Etienne: What’s inspired me since joining the program is every time I break down a preconceived notion about diet or exercise. Such as when I get to say “there are no ‘bad’ foods” and “exercise can and should be fun!” Or “There’s no ‘correct’ body shape for everyone to have.” Those kinds of real teaching moments that allow for truth to break through what people may have been told their whole lives is what inspires me.

Bianca: Really getting to know the families and seeing them make progress and eventually feel successful in their goals. Also watching participants become more confident in their abilities and knowledge. Changing habits and behaviours can be challenging! So, it’s very rewarding to know that you have helped others make positive changes.