Beginning in the Fall of 2019, Generation Health will be offered in communities across B.C. at local recreation delivery agencies and YMCA facilities. The program is delivered in partnership through the Childhood Obesity FoundationUniversity of Victoria and Province of BC.

The Childhood Obesity Foundation was founded in 2004 and was granted charitable status in 2006. Its mission is to lead a societal shift toward healthy eating and active lifestyles to promote childhood healthy weights and the resulting physical and emotional benefits. The Childhood Obesity Foundation has five years’ experience delivering and evaluating family-based childhood healthy weights programs in B.C. Over 1,000 B.C. children and their families have participated in these programs.

Generation Health was developed using an evidence-based approach and has undergone a process and outcome evaluation led by University of Victoria researchers. The purpose of the evaluation was to assess the reach and efficacy of the program, as well as to gain an understanding of the issues involved in implementing and sustaining program delivery across B.C. A summary of the evaluation is available by clicking here.

Evidence Based Approach

The program was designed using an evidence based approach building on experience with childhood healthy weights programs in BC.

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A Made in BC Program

Generation Health is a FREE 10-week family-based healthy living program.

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If you have any questions regarding the program please contact

Bianca DeSilva

Project Manager

Toll free: 1-888-650-3141