Program Overview

Join our free, 10-week community group program for families with children aged 8 to 12-year-olds. We support families in making positive changes and building a solid foundation for fun, healthy living together.

The program is focused on practical fun activities that enhance family connectedness while building both the parent/caregivers and the child’s skills to make lasting changes. We offer both virtual and in-person programs. In addition, there is a self-directed online option for families outside the age criteria or who cannot find a group session that works for them.

Included in our program is a free mobile App that provides fun and engaging family activities to support what you are learning in the sessions. Families interact with other families, enjoy a meaningful and fun experience with your own, and set the stage for a connected, healthy life.

Program Benefits

Build community by meeting other families

Increase your family’s connectedness together

Cook and learn as a family with a Registered Dietitian

Enhance family mealtime

Play and move more as a family both indoors and outdoors

Learn strategies to manage screen time

Improve sleep routines for the whole family

Integrate practices that boost mental well-being and self-compassion

Practice goal setting for the family around healthy living behaviours

How Does It Work?

Each week, families participate in a two-hour in-person or virtual group session (Zoom) led by a trained facilitation team. The sessions include physical activity and discussion time. Discussion topics include:

  • Healthy eating
  • Active living
  • Screentime
  • Sleep routines
  • Self-compassion and gratitude
  • Goal setting
  • Positive parenting

In addition, there are Q&A sessions with both a Mental Health Professional and a Registered Dietitian, as well as additional virtual family cooking classes.

Weekly online e-sessions via the GH Community App supplement the group sessions and provide families with resources, easy recipes, family challenges and physical activity ideas to try at home.

Upon successful program completion, participants will receive community physical activity access for the family, continued access to the mobile App, and our monthly healthy living e-newsletter.

Who Is It For?

BC families

Children aged 8-12 years old (a self-directed online option is available for families outside of this age range)

Wanting support with healthy eating, active living, screen time or sleep.

Not in need of clinical support

One parent or caregiver and child able to participate in group setting

What’s Next?

Choose a program and complete the program registration form.

Available programs

Eligibility is established in a follow-up screening call. A waiver is signed and any accessibility needs/requests are noted.

Families are registered in the 10-week group in-person or virtual program, or the self-directed program (if children are outside of the age range or a family cannot find a group program that fits their families needs).

Upon registration, the program facilitator will call before the program starts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your family can alternate what parent/caregiver attends the sessions as long as one parent/caregiver accompanies the child(ren) each time. We encourage parents and children who attend to share with the other parent/caregiver or sibling what they learned during sessions to keep the whole family up to date.

Virtual Sessions: Families learn to play together for the first 1 hour and 30 minutes. The children then head off-screen, and there is parent/caregiver time with the Group Facilitator to cover more in-depth topics.

In-Person Sessions: Families join a group and facilitator at a local facility space to learn and play together for the first part of the session. The children then head to the gym with a Physical Activity Facilitator and Program Assistant for some physical activity time. The parents/caregivers stay in the classroom with the Group Facilitator to cover more in-depth topics. The families regroup at the session’s end to continue learning and enjoy playful activities together.

For both delivery methods, families also have access to an App to find additional recipes, lessons, and weekly family challenges to try between the group sessions.

Virtual programs are available four times a year: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. To find the next virtual programs running, click here. In-person programs are also offered in some communities across the province each season. To find out which communities are offering programs currently, click here.

We had a great time. The program opened doors to new insights to family health which we discuss at our dinners together. We really enjoyed cooking together and asking the nutritionist questions.
Community Program Participant

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