Spring…Break in those Hiking Shoes!

What a wonderful time to see all the beauty BC has to offer! Hiking is such a great way to get some fresh air, move our bodies and spend time together as a family. There are thousands of hikes in our province, for all level of hiker. So pick a destination, pack a lunch and hit the trail!

For those new to hiking, consider an easier trail without too much challenging terrain. Near Victoria, that might be around Thetis Lake, in Vancouver perhaps Pacific Spirit Park and in all of our other BC communities, check out for ideas in your area.

Always be prepared. That means at least 1 Litre of water per person, lunch or at least an energy bar (choose those with simpler ingredients and more fibre and protein than sugar) and other supplies depending on your destination and length of hike. If there’s no cell service, make sure someone knows where you’re going and you have a map and even a satellite phone. Bring an extra layer or two in case the weather changes—a toque or windbreaker can save the day! Don’t forget sunscreen—even if it’s colder or overcast, we can still be susceptible to a sunburn. And a first aid kit doesn’t hurt, especially if you really are breaking in new shoes and get a blister.

Great things to pack for lunch include cut-up veggies, oranges or apples, hard boiled eggs, steamed edamame, dried fruit and nuts (trail mix!), salmon jerky, crackers and cheese, smoked tofu cubes and if you’re really feeling special, a thermos full of soup or stew! Remember to pack out anything you pack in and keep our parks clean and wild animals safe.

If hiking is new to your family, some fun games to play on the trail are “spot it”, searching for different plants or animals, “invent a pet/restaurant/anything really” where one person describes a pet for example and everyone else comes up with a name idea for it that gets voted on or just a good ol’ fashioned sing-a-long. Making noise on the trail is a good way to ensure you don’t surprise anyone along the way and avoid the question “are we there yet?”.

So this spring break and all year round, cherish this beautiful province we live in by getting out for a hike. Make memories and traditions as a family filled with rocks, trees, lakes, rivers, the ocean and most importantly each other.

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